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About Us

Specializing in Civil Litigation and Enforcing Court Judgments.


We're dedicated to ensuring that we take care of all of our clients, and that their legal needs are met and exceeded. We offer high-quality legal work and personal client service. We’re committed to providing you with top notch legal support! 



Pacific Legal Group specializes in civil litigation nationwide. We work closely with the court to ensure a civil judgment is awarded in your favor and that the court judgment is aggressively enforced. To date, Pacific Legal Group has executed over 1,000 wage garnishments and property liens!



We guarantee effective, aggressive litigation and legal support. Our history of successful litigation speaks volumes. Our success rate for executing wage garnishments and property liens is unparalleled. 

Pacific Legal Group & Our Team

Pacific Legal Group is a privately held company located in Huntington Beach, California.  Our staff includes one attorney and a large support staff who are fully equipped to handle all of your legal needs.

Credit Reporting

Pacifc Legal Group is a credit reporting agency.  This means that once we have successfully obtained a civil judgment in your favor, the judgment will be reported on the defendant's credit profile for 7-10 years.

Your Rights: Enforcing Your Civil Judgment

There are many ways to enforce your judgment.  Our legal experts have extensive experience in executing wage garnishments, property liens, and liens on personal property.   In cases that include bounced checks, in most instances we also notify the District Attorney's office of possible fraudulent activity, which could be a felony depending on your state's laws.

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To make a payment online, or to check the status of your case, simply click the tab below, or call us anytime to process your payment over the phone at 1-888-203-8386.

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